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Retail and Shopping Centers

It’s crucial to understand what the major players in the retail industry already do, the sales are in the details. CORE is here to ensure that your customers have a flawless environment and to help you convert browsers to buyers.

Gyms and Wellness Facilities

Fitness centers are breathing grounds for illness causing bacteria and germs. Sweat and grease are constantly being deposited throughout the facility. Leading to the rapid spread of germs and illness. Customers not only expect a clean environment, they demand it.

Restaurants and Venues

A customer’s dining experience begins long before they receive their meal. First impressions and confidence in a clean dining space is paramount to your patrons overall experience. With CORE, the cleanliness of your restaurant will make a strong impression. Our team will ensure that your customers focus on the service and delicious meal your team provides!

Office Facilities and Banks

By delegating the cleaning of your workspace to CORE, you provide the foundation your team needs to be substantially more motivated and productive.

Healthcare Facilities and Medical Offices

At CORE we deeply understand the importance of trust. We are here to create an environment that fosters trust and allows your team to focus on the vital task of caring for your patients.

Industrial Complexes and Warehouse Cleaning

When your crew begins a shift, are you maximizing their time, strengths and productivity? It is our responsibility as employers to provide our staff with an environment that enables them to achieve the goals we set. Maintaining a clean work environment reduces sick leave, boosts morale, and overall productivity.


At CORE our aim is to leave everything we touch better than we found it. From the spaces we care for to the lives we touch. CORE is a movement, a beginning with endless ripples. We want to encourage our staff, our society towards a healthier and more sustainable life on earth. We have stepped in for a change, which can inspire and lead to a revolution.It is our abiding belief that we can start a powerful ripple effect by investing in our employees.


We spend one-third of our lives in the workspace. Inhaling chemical cleaning product residue which can directly and negatively affect the health of your customers, staff, cleaning personnel and pets who breathe in space. CORE contributes to green movement by using cleaning solutions and methods that keep us and our environment healthy. The fundamental goal of green cleaning is to reduce energy use, water consumption, landfill waste and eliminate water and air pollutants caused by chemical cleaning products. We’ve made it our top priority to clean using products that are made of all nature-derived, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients that come in recyclable packaging, thereby minimizing our environmental impact.


 We deeply believe the best way for us to reliably serve our clients is to invest in our team first! CORE is an equal opportunity employer looking for honest, professional individuals who are eager to be part of a fun and safe working environment.  Our team members are highly motivated individuals who are passionate about the environment.  We have made our central priority to invest in the well being and happiness of our employees.  In doing so we ensure that the quality of their work is unparalleled and the trust that is built is irreplaceable.