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Gyms and Wellness Facilities

CORE values propelled by evidence.

Fitness centers are breading grounds for illness causing bacteria and germs. Sweat and grease are constantly being deposited throughout the facility. Leading to the rapid spread of germs and illness. Customers not only expect a clean environment, they demand it.

Cleaning isn’t simply a necessity, it’s an investment. Similar to the “broken window theory”, by presenting a well-maintained facility to your customers, you ensure that they treat the space and equipment with respect. Providing a clean space reduces the need for frequent equipment replacement, which ultimately lowers overall operation cost. The service CORE provides gives your customer confidence and respect for your facility.

 Its extremely important that your Gym is professionally cleaned. There are hundreds of customers using your machines daily. Especially now, thorough cleaning in necessary. Gyms and fitness centers have unique cleaning needs. Our staff receives detailed training regarding the special cleaning requirements needed to effectively clean fitness facilities. We found that gives CORE an edge over cleaners who use “one size fits all” cleaning methods.